Sants elevated boulevard

The railway access to Sants Train Station was never properly handled. It left a scar diving the neighborhood in two. The project resolves the disconnection articulated through an elevated green boulevard

Storyboard / Script / Modeling / Post-production /// 1 month

Mutua de Propietarios

Project commissioned by Mutua de Propietarios as a series of 6 videos used for internal purposes to convey the new direction the insurance company was under coming.

Storyboard / Script / CGI / Post-production /// 1,5 months

Nordic Built Competition

The finalists in the 2014 Nordic Built Competition had to submit a video to explain the different aspects of the project. Structured as the organization deemed necessary, each chapter focuses on different aspects of the proposal.

Storyboard / Script / Modeling / Post-production /// 2 months

Corachan Hospital

The complexity of the integral intervention on the renovation of Corachan Hospital by Limona Ruiz Recoder was toped with a new restaurant.  This video was commissioned for the inaugural ceremony held by the Corachan Foundation.

Storyboard / Script / CGI / Post-production /// 1 month